The Problems We Aim to Solve

Transferring an electronic system to production is not a trivial matter. For small manufacturers trying to get their first product to market, it is one of the last bottlenecks to actual revenues and eventual profitability. For larger manufacturers, it is a challenge of scale and efficiency to ensure timely deliveries.

Even if its importance is undoubted, the design, development and deployment of electronic systems test benches is an often neglected phase of the design process, and is so for different reasons.

The Myth: Testing is Not Fun

First and foremost, it is thought of, by the engineering team members, as less fun or less worthwhile than the actual design and development of the system. The dreaded "test" word in a job description is enough to discourage even the most open engineer to respond to the posting. Even if the job title is actually "Test bench designer" and is described as being mostly development. The result ? Few companies have a dedicated transfer-to-production team due to the rareness of specialists who are passionate about the subject.

Neglecting the transfer-to-production aspects in a product design cycle will cause problems throughout the remainder of the product’s life. Here throughout this use-cases space, we explore these potential problems and the challenges that transfer-to-production engineers face with the objective of providing concrete ways to resolve them.

On the Path to Hardware Testing Education

Changing the engineering culture to show more interest in testing phases is one of our core objectives here at Tack, but it is not one that will be met quickly. In the meantime, we aim through our work to simplify the task of those who have taken up the duty of ensuring the quality of their company's system deliveries.

Our Solution

The Spintop Suite has been designed to alleviate specific problems in the transfer-to-production process and help manufacturers save time and energy in their quest of quality. It handles issues in all phases of the test bench life cycle. Get started with our test executor, spintop-openhtf.