The Device Under Test: a unit (device) that is being tested.

Test Cases and Test Sequences

The actual programmed steps required to test the device under test. Interacts with DUT libraries and test equipment in order to inject and retrieve test signals and verify criteria values.


The Testbench is the complete definition of a reproducible Test Station. It includes software, documentation, the testbench BOM, etc. It can be considered as the template of a Test Station. All of its parts are versionnable and trackable:

  • Testbench Software
  • Testbench Documentation
  • Testbench Bill of Material (BOM)
  • And more

Test Station

A physical, existing implementation of a Testbench. A single Test Station includes a Test PC, the required software installed and ready, the hardware and test jig, all as they are defined by the Testbench (template).

There can be multiple Test Stations on a single Test PC.

Test Framework

An importable library that facilitates the writing of Test Sequences and the interaction with all other concepts: loading of configuration, criteria, deployment, execution, etc.

Test Host / Test PC

The PC on which the Test Engine executes a test based on the Testbench Software.

Test Supervisor

A meta- test engine meant to manage Test Engines and Testbenches. Able to monitor active testbenches and launch new ones (possibly remotely).

Test Engine

The application that creates a Test Station based on the Testbench Software and local configuration.

Test Process

A Test Engine process that is currently executing one or more tests on the Test Host. The process can usually process multiple DUTs accross its lifetime. There can be more than one Test Process on the Test Host.


  • The Testbench is a versionned 'template' that defines a test to be executed on a certain type of DUTs, and is specifically designed to run with a specific Test Engine. It may or may not use a Test Framework to facilitate development and usage.
  • The Test Engine is an application or a framework that runs the Testbench.
  • The Test Station is a deployed Testbench on a specific Test PC.
  • The Test Process is an active process on a Test PC, running the Test Engine application and executing the Testbench Software. It as a finite lifetime, as opposed to the Test Engine and Testbench which are frozen in time, but may be updated to new frozen versions.

Test Instance

A single test associated with a single DUT. For each unit, the Test Station creates a Test Instance which produces a single Test Record.

Similarly to the Test Process, the Test Instance has a finite lifetime. It represents an active process (which could be the same process as the Test Process, depending on the Test Engine implementation) that is executing a Testbench against a specific Device Under Test.

When the test is done, the Test Instance is completed and a new one begins if a new DUT needs to be tested.

Test Record

The Test Record represents all information related to an executed test such as active configuration, test phases results, test results, criteria, etc. This is the result of the execution of a Test Instance.