The Spintop™ Suite is a suite of software developped by TackV. It is the result and ongoing solution to years of frustation in the field of production testing. We grew tired of seeing multiple companies get in the trap of building a home-grown solution to common problems, plaguing their teams with useless maintenance work and disappointing results.

These documentation pages are both used as a generic V&V Guide and the User Guide of the Spintop Suite. If you are not familiar with the V&V process, we invite you to follow our guide on the subject. Even if you are, it might be a good idea to get familiar with the terms we use: each company has its own set of terms to describe the loose list of activities related to the field.

The Objective of Spintop

The aim of Spintop is to empower electronics operations teams with manufacturing intelligence through the whole product life-cycle.

Static Overview

The Spintop Suite is composed of two main products, Spintop Cloud and the spintop SDK we call "spintop", which integrates with existing software using remote and local APIs.

Spintop Cloud is a cloud platform hosted at https://cloud.spintop.io that provides your organization with a private environment to manage your data pipeline. It is currently under development.

Spintop Data Analysis is an enterprise software stack that allows data exploration and analysis of test results. For details, please contact us directly.

Spintop is an open-source program that allows your testbenches to transform and modelize the test results into the unified format Spintop uses.

A flagship implementation in Python named spintop-openhtf showcases a complete integration with Google's Open Hardware Testing Framework to allow quick development of full-featured hardware testbenches.